Did you know that children can spend up to 30 hours a week in their school shoes? Our little ones spend hours on end standing, playing, jumping and moving on their feet so it’s imperative we take good care of feet at this young age.

There are so many questions when it comes to buying the right shoe for your child, so we wanted to bring you our top tips when it comes to choosing.

If you have any concerns or would like expert measurement and support, we would suggest contacting us directly at Fit Foot Podiatry so we can work with you and your child.

Top tips to Finding the Right Shoe for Your Child

Make sure feet are measured properly

We always advise you have your child’s feet measured accurately. Most children, and adults, will have one foot that is longer or wider, so it’s vital to check both feet. Accurate measurements will avoid issues that can occur due to ill-fitting footwear and your child is more likely to listen to the person fitting them rather than you!

Avoid slip-on shoes and second hands

For money-savvy parents, it’s also a sad fact that school shoes are one thing you shouldn’t buy second-hand or online. A worn shoe will have moulded to the shape of the previous child’s foot and could cause problems for your child’s feet. Slip-on shoes are also not recommended for long-term use, we strongly advise lace-up, Velcro or buckle-up shoes for children.

Wait till the end of the day to buy

While you might decide to head out bright and early to get your child’s shoes fitted, bear in mind that it’s best to go during late afternoon, as children’s feet often get a little more swollen by the end of the day. That way, you’ll get school shoes fitted when your child’s feet are at their biggest.

Buy quality

While school shoes are another necessary expense, bear in mind that buying better quality shoes might save you money, as they won’t wear down so easily and need to be replaced during the school year. Look for soles made from rubber and double stitching around the toe area will give shoes a longer life.

Keep an eye out for growing pains

Throughout the year you may hear of pains in legs and feet from your children, don’t just ignore this as ‘growing pains’. It’s important to take note and seek out the support of a professional to avoid any long-term issues.

At Fit Foot Podiatry we are here to support your family and we ourselves have school aged children, contact us today to help get your child up and running properly!