Summer is almost here, and you know what that means – flinging off those shoes and socks and enjoying the warm weather!

However, we say that with caution as there are a few tips we want you to know to keep your feet healthy over the hotter months.

Here are six of our top tips to keep your safe this summer:

Avoid being barefoot 

We all love a walk along the beach without shoes or nipping out of the car barefoot to grab something from the shops…but do so we caution.

Avoiding walking barefoot altogether is one of our most important tips! Due to your compromised circulation and sense of feeling, even a few minutes walking barefoot could put you at a higher risk of a puncture or cut.  Even a quick jog to the mailbox on the hot driveway could cause blisters on the soles of your feet. Keep your feet covered and protected. They’ll thank you later.

Choose the right shoes

Now that walking barefoot is off the table, let’s take a look at what footwear will best protect your feet. More than anything else, it’s about protection and proper fit.

Select footwear that’s the correct size. If you haven’t had your feet measured for a while, now is a good time. Make sure the shoe fits well so you can avoid blisters or excessive rubbing. Comfortable closed-toed shoes that protect the soles of your feet and are made of breathable material are ideal. Wearing sandals every so often is fine, but just make sure you carefully check your feet when you take them off.

Safeguard swelling with compression socks

The last thing you might want to do is think about hot, stuffy socks, but if you are prone to foot swelling try wearing compression socks and prop your feet up as often as possible.

Essentially, we want to avoid any further circulation issues. Compression socks help reduce swelling by promoting an upward flow of blood.

Regular foot check ups

We should be checking our feet regularly, however this is your extra reminder!

Do a thorough examination of your feet looking for cracks, cuts, blisters, or any type of broken skin that could turn into an infection. Don’t forget to check the soles of your feet as well as your ankles.

Self-care for your feet

Use the right moisture for your feet to avoid dry, cracked skin, which can turn into sores or infections. Forget about soaking your feet as you don’t want to risk the overall strength or integrity of your skin.

Do you recognise a familiar theme here? Be mindful of anything that could ultimately make you more prone to developing an infection or sore. Not sure what cream to use – we can suggest some for you! 

Be aware of your glucose levels

Keeping your glucose levels in check is the best way for you to stay healthy all year long.  Follow medical advice regarding monitoring your blood sugar, taking your medication, eating a healthy diet, and getting exercise. At Fit Foot Podiatry we can support you with extra education and knowledge.

During the summer you may be tempted to splurge, but sticking to all the things that help you maintain a healthy blood sugar level will enable you to enjoy many more summer vacations in the future.