Did you know that our feet are often the most neglected parts of body, yet most times they do the most work?

Do you constantly have sore and tired feet? Well let’s look at a few easy ways we can give those tootsies a little more love!

Fit Foot’s Top Tips To Foot Care

Don’t forget your skin

Moisturising your feet should be your number one priority to avoid cracking skin and further skin issues.

After your nightly shower and before bed, apply a good balm or lotion and let your feet soak it up. Wear socks overnight to prevent the cream from rubbing off if you need.

Nail care

Nails can be a huge cause of issues if not managed properly - so let’s look at the basics.

The best advice: Every three to four weeks, after you’ve showered or soaked your feet, use small clippers to trim, cutting the nail by following its shape.

To most people’s surprise, cutting straight across (as we've all been told) is not necessarily the right way to cut your nails. Nails come in all different shapes. Whilst most people have nails that grow relatively straight across, those with slightly curved nails can use a small nail file to round off the corners after trimming. But whatever you do, don’t dig down the sides, pick at or cut too much nail corner away. This will most definitely cause you to develop an ingrown toenail or infection. Not sure what shape your nails are or how to cut them? - come and see us!

If you let your nails grow too long, they can hit the edge of your shoes and bruise. If you clip them too short, you may trigger ingrown toenails.

If you start to notice redness or inflammation around the nail (early signs of an ingrown nail), clean out the area by soaking your foot and always keep a close eye on it.

Keep those feet nice and dry

Bacteria and fungus that can lead to athlete’s foot and other infections that thrive in dark, moist environments. Remember to always change sweaty, damp socks and after a shower get right in between toes and make sure it’s all dry.

Consider a foot scrub

A good scrub in the shower can be very important to your overall foot health.

Use a nailbrush to get under the toe nails and get rid of any dirt and grime that may collect during the day. The other area to scrub is any rough, or callused, areas on your feet. You may find that your heel or the area under your big toe can get quite rough.

Use a pumice stone to help keep rough, tough skin at bay.

Slip, slap and slop those feet!

Your poor little feet often get forgotten when it comes to sunscreen, but they can get burnt as quickly – and as badly – as any other area of your body. So if you’re going to be wearing thongs or going barefoot, apply a broad-spectrum sunscreen.

If you have any concerns about your feet and how you can give them a little extra love - get in touch with us here at Fit Foot Podiatry for a consultation!